What Makes “Jav” Different From Other Foreign Films?

The people who live and work in Hollywood know what it’s like when a foreign film comes into their town, and the film is called “Jav.” Some of us have seen “Jav” at a movie theatre, and some of us have seen “Jav” on television. Many of us have no idea what a “Jav” is or what the fuss is about. It appears that Hollywood has a thing for foreign films, especially the French ones, and “Jav” was one of those. So, let’s talk about “Jav” and what makes this film different from most foreign films.


As you would expect, there are a few differences between a French “Jav” and an American film that call itself “Jav.” First, there is the fact that a French film called “Jav” has a very long title, which means that it’s going to be long. Most other foreign films are quite short, with a two-word title. Sure, if you are just coming off of a low-paying/non-paying non-movie role like a bukkake man, you might not have to provide your own working papers, but if you are a major Hollywood screen star, when you do not have a proper work visa, chances are you’ll have serious problems finding work in Hollywood. “Jav,” on the other hand, was made for American audiences and stars. So Hollywood likes its movies to be marketed towards them. There’s a reason the French name of the film is “Javre” – it’s supposed to appeal to American audiences, and so does “Javre: The Professional.”


The second difference between a French “Javre” and an American film called “Javre: The Professional” is that “Javre” isn’t really a movie and capsaqq “Javre: The Professional” is a novel, a book by Michael Connelly. The book tells the story of a young man (played by actor Michael Fassbender), who, while studying English in New York, comes down to Los Angeles to study at the University of California, Hollywood. While there, he falls in love with a woman who turns out to be a nurse from France.